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The escape from the meadow!

You arrive at the meadow of your horse, but it is no longer there. Panic!

Having been confronted with this situation no later than this morning. Some advice.
(barrier squarely remove in a barrier flight attempt…)

Calm down, think. No need to "if I were my horse, would I go or?" Because you are not and there is little chance that it will help you.
Ask the people you cross, a horse (or 2) it does not go unnoticed, give your number.
Call the police! 
Post on social networks, you never know.
Take your car, bike, feet and look.

Don't lose hope, don't put your arms down!

Once found again warn the gendarmes and the social networks.

In our case the horses were found safe and sound. After three hours of research.
I'm not hiding it from you, I was afraid.


Post Author: Aliénor

Passionate rider, owner of a French trotter named Sirène du Bijou who regularly is crash testing for this blog.
My life is horse riding and eating sweets in front of Netflix.

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