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I decided to also participate in the theme of the cavalcade of this month of June. For once a theme 2 authors and therefore 2 articles, you can find the participation of Eleanor here. If you want to know more about the concept of the Cavalcade of blogs: it's around here. This month the blog that hosts the cavalcade is Eperdument horse.

I leave you the link of the cavalcade of June: right here


We are aware that on horseback everything can happen to us and we may have later fears.

I'll tell you how my fear of jumping and getting boarded by a horse is born.

It all started the year I was 11 years old, I was in a club at that time. We were in the middle of an obstacle jump. The mare began to hesitate to cross an obstacle but with a small stroke of tongue and we continued to chain. But at the last obstacle, the mare stole and I ended up in the candlestick. The instructor came in blaming me that it was my fault. I felt very humiliated. I still continued the session but with the fear in the belly that it starts again more beautiful.

That same year, another fear came to me during a training course this time. I had a mare that hardly appreciated because of her unpredictable character. She was quiet but at one blow she decided to make a huge gap and to go to the bottom of the balloons. I was so afraid that I was unable to stop it. I got burned again by treating myself incapable.

Today, my fear of jumping and getting on board is less present when I ride my mare because I trust her and yet she tends to express cheerfully when we gallop. But I'm still anxious when I'm on another horse because I don't trust myself enough to completely defeat it.


However as you can see, I trust my mare and I try to overcome my fear of passing a bar. Even if I do not jump from extravagant heights, the main thing is to take pleasure with his mount.




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