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felix felicis Ek1n crash test unravel
Horsehair Bardanne Thistle Horse

The photo you may have already seen, mermaid of the jewel being an unconditional fan of burdock. I guess she’s rolling in it.
I see you coming, no I don’t mistreat my mare to leave her like this 1 month, she’s just unbearable with this thing that hangs everywhere.

For the mane we shaved everything, my darling being delighted to make an Iroquois to my mare. Me not…
But the impossible tail. Armed with patience I spent hours untan
gled. Because no it did not happen only once, but about every 2 days. You also feel my despair through your screen. So

it is in November that I crack at the salon of the Horse of Angers, for a product at 20 euros.

The Ek1n detangling

EK1N is a brand with natural products and biodegradable with a French manufacture.

Test of the Detangling

The hair detangling is made from castor oil, cedar essential oil and peppermint. It smells great! A

nd especially joy, happiness, dance of joy.
It’s a great mix. So no it doesn’t make a miracle. The little balls that cling everywhere, do not fall alone. But it really makes the stain easier.

It takes little product because it is very greasy, the first time I used it, even if I had been informed, I watered. Extreme case.

I was expecting a lot of this product because 20 euros for 50 cl I was not ready. The magnitude of the damage made me spend 2h in the stable just to unravel, it was becoming unbearable.

So yes this product is magic and I recommend it! Because the babe I even had in my hair when I was taking care of the mermaid’s horsehair…

Ek1n detangling test on chestnut mare Horsehair
 After test detangling Ek1n on horsehair mare Chestnut

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It promotes the growth of the horsehair and limits the attachment of the mud. It takes little product for medium-term efficiency (1 week) The nega

tive points of the product, there is always one but. The spray is not terrible. I do not know if I had a defective product or not but you can put the Pchit, in OFF mode, spray or stream. Mine is only off and a game. So to vaporize a little everywhere it’s complicated. On this point I much prefer the detangling Mühldorfer.
Between the beginning of the writing of the article and the publication, the Pchit does not work at all, so this great product will end up in another vaporizer.

I was not paid by EK1N for this item and I paid the product myself.

I wrote this article in part as part of the cavalcade of blogs organized this month by Clotilde de Flaneries Mystiques avec a theme on magic.


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