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The Bardigiano holds its origins from the northern Apennines in Italy, in the Bardi region. According to historians, he descended from the horse of Belgian Gaul, entered the region with the barbaric invasions. By its model and its origins, we find commonalities with the Dales and the Mérens. His Italian stud-book is called Il Libro Genealogico del Cavallo Bardigiano and was created in 1977. It is a breed of saddle and stroke pony also.


The race was then exported to Germany in 1990 and subsequently to Switzerland, Hungary and Belgium. A man decided, after falling under the spell of race at the horse Show in Offenburg, to introduce a stallion and two broodmare and create the first and only breeding in France of Bardigiano. It is located in Nehwiller in Alsace (67).

This Italian trait measures between 1M30 and 1M45. In the farms, they are mainly labelled with liquid nitrogen. Her dress varies between black, bay and dark Brown Bay. Its peculiarity is that there is rarely ever see a white trace in its dress. Its morphology is strong and powerful. It has a straight head, a muscular neckline and strong joints.

Tempesta Mare Bardigiano
Tempesta, a Sport model mare

It is of a compact type but at present the breeders try to refine the morphology to a more refined, larger and more sporty model.

The Bardigiano is very versatile and with a safe foot thanks to its excellent plumbs and its solid horn. It can be used in Western, CSO, equi-therapy, hiking, hitching, dressage and many other disciplines…

Barbaro Stallion Bardigiano
Barbaro and its owner Manon (1st Stallion of the breed confirm out of Italy with 83 points)

It is a perfect companion for children thanks to its calm and serene character. It can also fit well within a herd with its unparalleled sociability.

For my part, I fell in love with the race with his morphology and his mind, he has everything from the dream Companion.

Bardigiano Rustic Pony and Sport

Manon Schlick is the niece of the French breeding artist. If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact her. There are several horses for sale on the farm including Elio and Tempesta.

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