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horseback riding and money, am I rich ?

Riding a rich sport!

In the head of a large part of the population riding is a rich sport, the courses are expensive, having a horse is expensive, so it is a sport practiced by the rich. So cliché?

The place of the media in our sport.

Riding is as you know little aired in the media and often forgotten. The last time we were an important sport? W
hen the complete team to win the gold at the Olympics in Rio, yes a medal, but especially the first French medal! We have even less talked about the team of CSO who also won the gold medal…

So we can legitimately ask the question, why is our sport not interested? This is the third sport in terms of licensees in France, behind football and tennis. Football is mainly occupied by men and tennis with only 28.8% female licence in 2014. The hors
e is therefore mostly the sport with the most female licensees.

Besides the question of sexism that can arise in the place of riding in the media. Maybe we should think about the appearance of riding for neophytes (the muggles of the horse).

The appearance of our sport.

Difficult not to speak of appearance, when horses are pomponnés, riders have leathers that shine and the venue of the competition is idyllic. Because between the canopy of the Grand Palais or in front of the Eiffel Tower it does not have the same effect as Roland Garros. I’m not even talking about the JO 2024 because we couldn’t be more posh than Versai
lles. How can we show people who don’t know more about our sport that it’s accessible?

The different aspects of our sport

Horseback riding is the obstacle jumping, the complete, the dressage but also the western, the aerobatics, the Polo, the Pony games, the Equifun, the TREC,
the Hunter… Riding is full of discipline, sometimes special to understand for a neophyte. I am not even a rider of aerobatics or Equifun, I am unable to explain to you a test scale or even its progress.
Then aired yes, but aired what?

New Media

We are little represented on the traditional media (TV, radio) but we are represented on the new media, ie Youtube and Internet with the Blogs, of which I belong. Man
y touches a young target and do the same thing as others (lifestyle, fashion, make-up). A haul, or a display of purchases (or products received by the marks), I do not adhere to the principle. Besides the fact that apparently to have visibility we have to show that we have money to spend. I don’t see the point in showing things that we haven’t even tested yet.

I see you coming, I make wishlist on the blog. That’s true, but these are things I didn’t buy. Hence the term wishlist. And nobody pays me to.

Disciplines, clubs and contests

In France, most clubs have a CSO orientation, some disciplines are even sometimes complicated to find. I am thinking in particular of the polo, the TR
EC, or the hitch. Maybe because it’s easier to set up, it’s easier to have an obstacle park than to have a cross. Perhaps because it is also what France develops at a high level in our sport. I’m pretty sure you can quote me a French CSO rider but cite me an endurance rider? The only
other riders of other disciplines you know I think are the Olympic medallists or JEM… Because I finally do. I am interested in high level sport but in the main disciplines. Even if here I already mentioned the TREC and I would also tell you about the Hunter one day, which does not have a pro rider.

Club classes are expensive!

Most of the clubs in France are private, so you have to pay the employees, the manager, and the maintenance of the horses and the structure. For reminder VAT in the equestrian world is 20% for education and pensions. T
hen there are the engagements in contests, with travel etc.

As a reminder, a horse that eats all year round and it needs care all year, even in the summer when there is not the weekly cour
se. So yes it costs more than a football season.

Not all riders are rich.

Moreover the vast majority are not, Surprise! S
ome eat pasta every day to be able to offer their children the joy of horseback riding. The owners also, between the pension and the rent of the house already there is not much left.

But those you do not see them, or almost, because fashion is at the “Haul”, People want to dream, imagine themselves as a big contest rider or a cupboard full of saddle mats.

My landlord story.

I’m officially unemployed, rest assured I don’t suck pebbles to eat. I am fortunate to have a lover who pays much of the expense. I live in the countryside so level pension for mermaid we are very far from a pension near Paris region.  And especially I do not spend anything useless, I do not go out to the restaurant, very little in the cinema, do not go on vacation. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I left in a superb villa in Corsica, but that I mentioned in my year 2018.

How do I manage material expenses?

I buy at the time of the balances, I look for the good deals on the internet and I use promo codes. If you remember well it is for this purpose there that I create horse and I, the empty saddlery. To allow you (and me) riders to sell and buy second-hand equipment with a security of purchase and sale. I’ll keep you informed of his reopening.


Horseback riding is not just a rich sport, even if it’s more expensive than jogging because riding is the only sport that doesn’t depend on just one person. The fact that the
image of the sport of rich is linked to history but also to the current representation of sport. In the coming
months I am considering a luxury article and horseback riding. Why does a mannequin pose with a horse if it doesn’t sell anything equestrian?

Photo credit: Perrine Vandecapelle


Post Author: Aliénor

Passionate rider, owner of a French trotter named Sirène du Bijou who regularly is crash testing for this blog.
My life is horse riding and eating sweets in front of Netflix.

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