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Looking for an ideal pension:

As I mentioned here: article on moving
I’ve changed my pension a lot.

I always visit before I make my decision, what am I looking at?

-The state of the place in general
-The price
-Travel time
-The condition of the horses
-The State of infrastructure (box/pre/quarry)
-If there are courses, and how they are given
-The place on the material is stored

I always go unannounced to see how it happens in normal time, and if I can chat with a rider or the owner of the places I do not hesitate.

The pensions I have chosen:

(Rates have evolved since I went there, change of VAT etc…)

The Haras de MignalouHaras de Mignalouxx (Mignaloux Beauvoir 86): 15min from my home. Pension, equestrian centre and breeding.

A saddlery for the owners, with a bus stop not very far.
Full of ballad path, a quarry and a big round of long. (Since I left there is a merry-go-round)
Human side: Open riders, listening managers and a really great group spirit.
(Thanks to the riders who took care of my mare when I wasn’t there)
Time spent down: 7 months the first time and 5 the second
I made almost all the options at home: Pre All alone, pre Group and box.
Rates: €190 pre-solo, €160 pre-group, €220 Eco Box

The Stables of the Bouiges (Fontgombault 36): 10min from home, horse boarding and hiking. A saddlery and a career. Great ballads.
Human side: A great owner, I trusted her eyes closed to manage the transport of my mare.
A little super friendly place!
Time spent down: 4 months
She was at the box as well as in the meadow alone.
Rates: €200 for everyone

The Equestrian center of Sauveterre (D’olonne sur mer 85): 45min from my home, as its name indicates an equestrian center, (breeding also), with many a lot of rider.
A huge career, two small quarries, a round of lanyards, a carousel and access to the beach. Lockers for the owners, a waiting list so long that I didn’t get it in the end. Many tourists so you feel watched when you are in a career.
Human sides: The family that manages the place is really nice, a marshal on site. By cons level riders, never a hello…
Time spent down: 5mois

She was at the meadow all the time of her passing down
Rate: €210 au pré

IMG_7730The meadow of Beaulieu sous la roche (85): 20min from Me, a meadow (1 hectare fully fenced) rented by a landlord more than adorable!  Who made him a shelter, enlarged the opening in the hedge so that she had contact with the horses beside and who managed the water. A hangar to store my equipment. Walking trails everywhere.
In short a little corner of paradise

Time spent down: 1 years and 1mois
Rate: €30 But it is no longer for rent

Miss Clark

The meadow  (79): 7 min (yes it is accurate) 1 hectare 3, I rent it to an owner I have never met because it is not from the corner. With fences that leave to be desired, the meadow full of brambles and waste left by the former “tenants”. All that without a water point. I managed it alone at the beginning before finding another owner with whom I share the meadow. Our horses are inseparable! Unfortunately the meadow becomes swamp in the winter…
Time spent there: Arrival end September 2015 departure mi Mai 2016
Price: €55 for the meadow that I divide with the other owner

Equestrian pole Saint Maixentais (79): Since May 2016 Sirène has joined the stables of the hill. She’s in the meadow with girlfriends and is doing very well. There is a lot of installation and people are nice. The good atmosphere reigns between the owners, the Dp and the club riders.
Time spent there: arrival mid May 2016, still there:)

(There are pictures on our Instagram: horse. Me; here, here too and there)

I visited a lot of equestrian center when I was in Vendée:

What was breaker:

-a discussion with the owner of the premises, which only makes pre/box because the horses are not made to live outside all the time.
-Pass in a this on a Saturday afternoon, cross a lot of people but not have a single Hello
-Fences that even I could step over the roadside…
-A completely empty one on Saturday
-A constantly screaming instructor
For those who remain that I did not choose it is mainly compared to the price
I did not visit when I was on Poitiers for all the things done before (or almost) and I did not necessarily have a good memory in those. Although I would have been with pleasure at the EC of Poitiers which unfortunately did not propose pre-pension.

My ideal:

I think you understood it well if you read everything, the pre rented currently is more than zero (as car I have a Micra so I let you imagine the transport of water cans).

I currently have a very small budget and anyway I do not see myself paying €400 pension per month even though I had the means (off health worries of the mare of course).

I would love a big meadow, with beautiful wooden fences + electricity (one is never too careful), a large shelter, good walking trails and a career to work. And if possible in view of the house.

And what is your ideal pension?



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