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cheval du vercors de Barraquand

The horse of the Vercors of Barraquand, the old history of a new breed.


In the letters found, in 1760 in the Abbey of Léoncel, are described sturdy horses and safe feet. The Vercors is the mountain so we needed sturdy horses with a safe foot, it’s a practical question. Because you doubt it well the Vercors horse of Barraquand is called like this because it is the cradle of the breed. But why Barraquand then?
Towards 1900 a farmer, was convinced that suitable animals had to be possessed. As he was too old it was his son Jules who went back to breeding. With a drastic selection, he managed to homogenize and has well-defined characteristics that today form this breed. So it was the Barraquand family that gave birth to the race as we know it today.

Years later, in 1994, Mr. Jean-Louis Barraquand, Jules ‘ grandson, rebuilt the breeding. En 1997 the total number is 51 horsepower.

The race officially gets its stud-book in 2017! It’s a french breed.


From a size of 145cm to 155cm her dress is bay. White marks are not desired (white socks, lists, ladres), with the exception of the leading marks not exceeding the lower line of the eyes. The horsehair is long, abundant and wavy. The right chamfer and small ears in crescent moon. A short, wide back.

For this article I received the photos of the Haras du Barraqu’en in Trièves. To learn more about this breed I invite you to go see the site of the National Association Horse du Vercors de Barraquand which was my main source for the article.


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