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galante do expoente étalon mangalarga marchador

The Brazilian horse, the Mangalarga Marchador

A Little history

Created about 200 years ago in a region above Rio de Janeiro in Brazil by the crossing of horses arrived from Portugal.
The story looks a little fuzzy on the creation and the different sites that I found seem to agree on this story: “According to historical records, Gabriel Francisco Junqueira, the Baron of Alfenas, was reportedly presented in 1824 by D. Pedro I with a Standard of the Álter Real race. A wealthy farmer from the southern region of Minas Gerais state and a cattle rancher, the Baron started his horse breeding by crossing this magnificent animal with rustic mares from his farm in Campo Alegre, located in the municipality of Cruzília. As a result of this crossing, a new type of horse called Sublime appeared because of its soft soil. The horse was used for horseback riding and, on the farm, its traction was light. ”

There are about 450 Mangalarga Marchador in Europe but there are about 360 000 in the official register of the breed.


Males should be measured between 1.47 and 1.57 and mares between 1.40 and 1.54. A tapered nose and a wide forehead with large expressive eyes and slightly curved ears. A soft, rounded rump, a muscular horse with wide, powerful kidneys. All the dresses are admitted except albino. If you want to read all the characteristics of the breed and you read the Portuguese: Standard of the breed.


The Mangalarga Marchado has an extra natural pace, trotting and galloping. The Marcha. There are 3 form of Marcha, the Marcha “Batida” the Marcha “Picada” and finally the Marcha “media”.

The best thing is to show you:

For the Marcha media that you do not have in videos it is the ideal walk with a wide movement of a batida allure combined with the comfort of a picada allure.


Haras of Aquitaine

Pretty looks farm

Gamarra Stud


ABCCMM (Brazilian Association of Horse Breeders Mangalarga Marchador)

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