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If I had to imagine my dream stable…

In my dream stable already I have a mare that does not put mud everywhere and that does not scatter half of its ration on the floor. This being apparently impossible, my dream stable is still a dream.

A paradise for my mare.

A dream stable meets basic needs. That is to say to eat, friends and space to be able to move.

If we were to listen only to the siren’s voice she would spend her time eating clementines and candies. Might as well say she’d be dead in two days. A horse is a herbivore, and spends a good part of his day eating.
In my perfect stable she would then have grass and hay at will when the grass will be too poor.


That means a herd of horses. All barefoot to avoid big Bobo and get along well.


Mermaid already lives in the meadow by the year, because the box is not for me, not for the horses. There would be great shelters to rest, to protect themselves from the rain and wind in the winter. To get cool in the summer and avoid flat flies. It would have a meadow large enough to be able to run and avoid the overgrazing of the herd.

A paradise for the rider

I dream of a stable, with a nice covered grooming area, 1 or 2 box in case there is a health concern that requires it. A solarium to dry quickly and a shower to wet quickly.

To work, I would love a nice round of fenced high. A great career and a great ride (I don’t like the Rain and mermaid doesn’t like puddles).
I would love a lot of hiking trails with very varied paths. Forests, fields, the beach, with flat but also climbs and descents.

A paradise for the owner

If everything could be cleaned by itself, who never dreamed that the ground would sweep alone or that the droppings of the fields would disappear.

I dream of seeing my mare from the window of my house, whether it’s a nice veranda or a window that serves as a reading corner.

I would also love a nice upholstery, filled, as much dreaming to the end.

This article was written following the theme of the cavalcade of blogs this month chosen by Pony Driver.

Photo of the article: Stephex Stables


Post Author: Aliénor

Passionate rider, owner of a French trotter named Sirène du Bijou who regularly is crash testing for this blog.
My life is horse riding and eating sweets in front of Netflix.

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