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You may already know October Rose (breast cancer Awareness), Inktober (1 drawing a day on a theme) and can be even Horsetober launched right here.

So what is Blogtober?

Just 1 Item a day all the month of October. Yes it’s a hell of a challenge to write you 1 articles a day!

For easy reading of the articles they will all be stored in the category “Blogtober 2018” in the menu “Relax”


Don’t expect to see a full article on the podiatry this month, we’ll talk about autumn with little tips, product testing and lots of love (as usual).

So you’re ready, let’s go for Blogtober!


I invite my blopines to test this challenge a little harder than Horsetober but who I’m sure will be full of bounce!


Post Author: Aliénor

Passionate rider, owner of a French trotter named Sirène du Bijou who regularly is crash testing for this blog.
My life is horse riding and eating sweets in front of Netflix.

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