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I decided last night to stop doing 1 item a day for Blogtober.

Why do I stop Blogtober?

I realized that the articles I wrote did not like me, and was for me sloppy. As much as I loved to put myself in the shoes of my mare by writing a day in her diary. As much the rest of the articles does not have me more than that interested and besides I think that in December they will have disappeared from the blog or they will rewrite.

This challenge allowed me to open my eyes to certain things.

I want to share things that are close to my heart, products that are very good or not, more dug topics and articles that have nothing to do with the TV shows to see when we had a bad session. How to be honest and actually write a good article if I’m not convinced by what I write?
When I am happy with an article in general I have them read back to my baby before publishing it, this week of October he read only one of 6 articles.

I have to focus on one thing and not several.

This month, I launched the challenge #Horsetober which takes me a little time, and which I am very proud to see all the entries (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

I always work on two projects that you’ll hear about later.  I moved into a house in August with a lot of little work that is still going on. Besides this month I also have the housewarming to organize.
I realize that no it is not possible to write an article per day of quality when we have more than that to do.

I love my blog and it hold a very big place in my daily life but I do not want to write an article a day. I do not want this pressure to tell you on a Sunday that you did not write while it is your only day “quiet”.

I need to focus on the people (including animals) that I love.


Post Author: Aliénor

Passionate rider, owner of a French trotter named Sirène du Bijou who regularly is crash testing for this blog.
My life is horse riding and eating sweets in front of Netflix.

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