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The Paint horse, known in all Western films straddled by the Comanche, was not born in the USA.
With the discovery of America and later the Spanish invasion, Cortez had embarked several horses in the hold and in particular two horses stained with white. River Style in Spirit the standard of the plains.

He travelled the plains of the West in the years 1800. Pioneers and Breeders Select Fast, docile and robust models. For the work of the cattle as of the race.

It was in 1962 that the stud book was founded in Texas. For a horse to be declared paint horse he must have at least one of his parents reported to the APHA (American Quarter horse Association)


The Paint horse measures between 1.45 and 1.60.
The head is quite small with vivid and expressive eyes, small ears. The tourniquet is little pronounced, the chest wide and deep.
His back is short, his thighs very muscular and his back powerful.

Of course what characterizes the most the paint horse is its c
olor. There must be a mixture of white with another co
lor. We can therefore find Tovero, Tobiano, Overo, Sabino but also Solid. That is to say that the dress does not have enough white but because of its other characteristic and its genetics there remains a Paint horse in its own right.

National Stud-Paint Horse

for lovers of this breed their site is very well done! On the other hand it is all in English.

Thanks to Melanie for the photo of her horse.

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