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A project realized, a dream come true

After writing an article about the discovery of the TREC that can be found here and behind the TREC as a volunteer written by Eleanor that you can read there.

But today I'm going to write a slightly different article because I will tell you about my personal feelings after I made my first TREC.

Where did you start? Well, I need to know that I've been preparing for almost a year to get out in TREC. I was just missing a team to really jump. And I found a great one!

I trained regularly outside to work my mare's breath and take physical fitness. Bah yes, a big fat pony, it's not the best to go out and make an intense day like a TREC. But it is not enough to go out that outside, you also have to work on foot, and the training because the mastery of the gait requires to know control, and have his horse at the desired pace. So we registered for our first TREC on July 3, 2016. To remember nothing, a little advice, prepare a list the day before and gather your things for the next day.

The TREC was organized by the Association Equassyon, in Nesmy in the Vendée.

Morning POR and mastery of the paces

So we arrived in the morning early and in a good mood. We started prepping our horses and went into the card room. We had great grooms to look after our horses in the meantime, and I would never thank them enough for their help and support.

Map studyIn the map rooms, we first copied our cards and then we shared the work: one made the KMS with its ruler and the other spotted the places where it was necessary to be more careful. Once finished, we are left on the circuit for a morning of POR. Despite some mistakes of course it was very rewarding to make this course. PorI had, for the first time, a dynamic mare and who is not afraid of the horses that arrive behind us when she usually stresses. She gave herself to the end. After the POR, we've mastered the pace. I knew a little bit about what was going to happen. We lost points on the gallop. Indeed, Titouane is struggling to gallop and keep it on a small space. Now I know we have to work on it.

Afternoon PTV


The hardest was to come, the PTV. I was wondering if I was going to be able to do all the difficulties and especially the jumping. During the recognition, the difficulties were not too complicated for the beginning but arrived at the trunk, it was a little imposing, not in height but in width. The trunk was laid on earth. I started to get scared and stressed. I also dreaded that Titouane stresses to be alone on the course, that she does not listen to me and that in my turn I panic too.


Arrival on the trigger with the advice and comfort of my two grooms Eleanor and Sabrina. I took my courage and oddly TitouaAgainst lowne was really relaxed and as I went, I was much less stressed.
I left on the PTV with the idea of doing my utmost while keeping my calm to help Titouane. Everything went very well, the vegetable border in the saddle, we can do better because it came out of the borders before the end. I had a perfect immobility in the saddle, the clover with the flags, a child's play, like the slalom that we also did trotting. When I arrived on the trunk, my fear of jumping came back, even though I knew she was capable of it, I did not want to pass on my fear. So I decided not to. I'm directly going to the maneuverability, once again a mare that moves her hips with a disconcerting ease. The counter-top, a little hesitation but it was there and the cons low it was really funny because she came down a little quickly and started shaking her head as if to go on a rodeo but she quickly recaptured and we were on the hat of the constable , which was rather arduous for the descent, but it went well anyway. We ended up walking for the vegetable border, the trunk and to finish the best for the end for us to back it up in hand.


I am very proud of her but not only, I am proud of myself because I decided to trust Titouane and she proved to me that we could make it happen. A wonderful day that will remain in my memory.Finish line

I plan to remake one soon in September with my favorite team and I also hope with my super groom.

Lisbeth Lumpp
Lisbeth Lumpp

That day, the champion of France (3 times in a row), gave us the honour of coming to the Vendée to participate in the first TREC organized in our department.




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