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Energy medicine in the service of the horse

Human Shiatsu is in full growth and is now globally known to the general public. The same is happening today in the equine field, which is interested in this practice.

But what exactly is it?

It is a gentle method of care that works in depth on the physical and nervous balance of horses, regulating the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians. Shiatsu offers a privileged moment of profound muscular and nervous relaxation.

Like any living being the horse interacts with the earth and other living beings. There is energy circulating throughout his body. You also have to know that if the energy does not circulate properly then it can have consequences on the well being of your mount and on its behavior.

"An emotion can alter the proper functioning of an organ where vice versa a deficient organ can generate an emotion…" » Sylvie Graveleau

With the palms of the hands, the fingers and sometimes the elbows, the Shiatsu practitioner exerts pressure on the body, along the meridians, exactly as in acupuncture. It unblocks the vital energy in excess or vacuum and restores the circulation of it in the body.

It is a strong moment between the horse and the practitioner but also for the owner if this one has a particularly strong connection with his mount.

Coral Article Shiatsu

My feelings:

For my part, during a Shiatsu session I felt the urge to drop everything when Sylvie arrived at the area where the energy was not circulating properly. When I closed my eyes, I could see a red halo.  I realized that all my stress that I accumulated my mare also made it as a magnet.  It is a very intense moment, that I wish every owner to live with his mount. Especially when the horse lets himself go completely and falls asleep, it is beautiful because it means that it is perfectly relaxed and that the energy circulates everywhere properly.


Other owners make calls to a Shiatsu practitioner to try to find out why his horse reacts in a certain way. Thanks to a Shiatsu session, an owner was able to understand where the lameness of his mare came from. Indeed, during the session, the practitioner was able to see where the energy was not circulating properly and it was at the level of her hoof. The next day, an abscess began to come out.

Some horses have trouble opening up and sometimes it can take a while before it is allowed to go and you see changes in your behaviour.

If you want to please your horse give him a Shiatsu session and you can also do the stretching and massage yourself that your Shiatsu practitioner will explain to you during the session.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that Shiatsu cannot be substituted for veterinary care.

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