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Following the more or less controversial exit of the saddle Miss 2GS de chez CWD. and a discussion on Twitter.

More or less delusional ideas of what we would like as a rider, have appeared.

So I suggest:

What I will love as a rider for:

My position?

The style?

The grooming?

My horse?



My answers:

My position: stirrups that make a descent of legs and heels without hurting everywhere.

The style: to be able to ride in heels safely!

High heel tag
(I swear I found it on an online saddlery…)

The grooming: A "magic" brush that would unravel the mad manes.

My horse: A horse that thinks of my little butt when he dumps me on the floor. and throw a cushion:)

Comfort: Reins with small fleece to make no light bulb under the small fingers.

It's beautiful to dream

As it is a TAG I encourage all the riders to do so and sent us their proposals (wacky or not).

And I nominate my fellow bloggers without whom the idea would not be born:

Laziness and Caress


PS: I am of course serious that on the stirrups



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My life is horse riding and eating sweets in front of Netflix.

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