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Most riders buy a saddle before they even have a horse. We dream of having saddles of famous brands like Hermes for example. But we soon forget that all the saddles don't necessarily go to all the horses. We will not be able to put a saddle suitable for a thoroughbred on a line horse because it would not be appropriate at all. And yet I was one of his riders. The mistake is human!

But then how to know which model can suit his horse?

For my part, I appealed to two professionals of the saddle is of equine morphology, who came to see Titouane. This is called saddle fitter.

But what is the saddle fitting?

The saddle fitting, or equestrian ergonomics, is an extremely old and paradoxically recent discipline. This is the foundation of the Saddler trade, and as many foundations it has been forgotten. The saddle today has become an object of appearing, of consumption, of showing; She registers her owner in a community, gives her an image. But the rider forgot his first destination: Allow him to ride his horse safely, and the horse to wear it without getting hurt. »

The primary objective of the saddle fitter is to advise you on the model that will be as suitable as possible and meeting your criteria.
That is a saddle made for your mount, for you and your riding, all in your budget. (At last it does at best)

The visit of Glenn Hasker

So I brought in Glenn Hasker. As its name indicates it is English and settled with his wife in the Limousin. But they move a lot, since we met them in the Vendée. It was two years ago so that he would advise me on the adapted model to replace my saddle, a Henri de rivel. He first took various measures of his back and his waist. We tried several stools but none were suitable. He finally advised me two models in my budget: a thorowgood and a Wintec. Titouane having few tourniquets a relatively short back but need a wide arcade, all in synthetic to reduce the budget.

Mermaid also saw Glenn. It was about a year ago, my mare was not working and therefore quite big and it turns out that my saddle was not bad at all with a fine rug. I have practically not ridden since so the saddle is always suitable for mermaid who has a little melted so she will have the right to a rug a little thicker. By cons The saddle is not really the most suitable for me, because too large at the seat and I have the legs a little forward.

Saddle on the back
I got used to it and would sell my forester that I love so much (that you saw the: article on leathers) when I find my happiness.
Siren is not at all symmetrical, I need a saddle with wool that will fit the best shape. The concern for mermaid and me is that the saddles that are suitable for it are not really for me. It advises me Thorowgood as a brand and as I prefer the leather a Fairfax. (both make saddles with interchangeable arcades)

There are several materials in the matelassures of the stool and it is also to be taken into account depending on the shape of the horse and the longevity of the saddle. Foam, wool and air, I refer you to this article: The inside of the stool (PS: This blog is a Bible).

Clotilde's visit

Nor should we believe that once you have the saddle, it will be adapted to the morphology of the horse all its life. Indeed I have kept my thorowgood only 2 years. She's become too small for her as much as for me. She was causing me pain in the back. I decided to buy another saddle, a Randol's Lozère. (You saw it on the article of my 1st TREC because I thought it wider on the level of the saddle and especially its seat is much more comfortable for my back.
But here I noticed, a short time ago, white traces on the tourniquet of Titouane. So I brought Clotilde Wx who is currently in training (for a year) with Glenn. It is also sellière of training. Before I even came to see Titouane, she first asked me questions via social networks in order to prepare the session best.

She started, like Glenn, by taking measurements of the back, her waist, her weight and the strap pass. During the action, she asked me various questions, if there was back pain and if she had seen the osteopath recently.
Tiitouane and
I then saddled as I usually do and she observed me to see if it was correct or not. She put the saddle without the rug to see a little how she positioned. I went up so we could observe the pressure points of the saddle. The verdict fell my saddle was sadly far too narrow. Arcade Measure
I'm back again looking for another saddle. Unfortunately, when you have a small budget, you can not make a custom. So I'm thinking of going back on a thorowgood but the size above for the seat and two arcades above the one we had. Hoping that Titouane's back won't be too short.

The points that can make you think that your saddle is not the right:
-A high head port, a reversed neckline
-Pain (for you or your mount)
-discomfort of the back muscles, parallel to the spine
-White hair
-Lowering of the head (systematic stretching)
-Shortening of strides
-reluctance to go trotting or galloping, to be saddled or mounted

Also think that the saddle does not do everything. The way you strap is important, the strap itself is also important. Your saddle position influences your saddle and the back of your mount, so choose your stirrup leathers and stirrups as well.

One more thing before you let go, do not forget your montoir;)

Coralie & Eleanor


The site of Glenn Hasker


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  1. Good things to keep in mind when checking the “points that can make your saddle is not the right”. I did not think about all of them – thanks for the advice

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