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Tim Flach stable shadow 1

English photographer specializing in animal photography.

I wanted to introduce you to Tim Flach.

He is also known for his book Equus, published in 2008. I discovered his work following a photo on Pinterest. It is this image, which made me want to discover his universe. It is for so almost banal, but so clean. I like tHorse tongue by Tim Flach-Equushe photos that are in detail, as you may have noticed if you follow me on Instagram (you have the link at the top of the blog).
Newmarket Treadmill-Equus-Tim Flach

While browsing the work of this Englishman Tim Flach, I found particularly interesting a photo suite, here.

Day 30-Equus-Tim Flach
Day 30
Day 65-Equus-Tim Flach
Day 65
Day85-Equus-To = im Flach
Day 85

Unfortunately no photo of this foal after his birth, his mother died of a colic during his 85eme days.

If you are also fond of horses and great scenery, I advise you to take a tour on its site. If you are in love with animals in general and especially dogs, go for a ride on the website of photographer Tim Flach.

Of course all the photos present on this article its the property of Tim Flach, you can find them on his site or in the book Equus available on Amazon directly by clicking on the image.

For those who would like to discover a little more his work, do not hesitate to take a tour on his site, there is a FAQs that speaks a little more about him.


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