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Coralie introduced you to the TREC (to find LA). You may have an idea of the topic I will address if you have looked at our Instagram.

I had never set foot on a TREC, and I had a vague idea of what was.

I have already been on the field of several contests, CSO and dressage mainly. I love to discover everything, I love to read and learn.

Coming to the TREC, this discipline a little mysterious.

As you may know I started riding at the EC of Poitiers. So I'm their blog regularly, I stumbled upon one of their ads looking for volunteers for a TREC.

After a little thought (and from what I have planned something, I look in my diary) so I offered my help.

Por TREC Poitiers ChevaletmoiArrival at 10:00 a.m., meeting in the card room. Most of the competitors have already left on the POR. Axele (the person who organizes this TREC) explains with my "colleague" what we will do and take us. We are the last beacon of the POR, we are here to note if the riders arrive on the right path. It reminds me of memories, I've been there with my mare.

From 10:15 to 12:15 we are therefore on a path between fields to be discussed between the riders alone and the groups that pass (yes the beautiful rapeseed field on Insta).



There are clubs 1 and elite clubs.

The next appointment is at 1:00 p.m. on the cross-country ground.


PTV TREC Poitiers ChevaletmoiWe are a dozen to follow Axele who shows us the difficulties to overcome during the PTV, explains to us in turn how noted the difficulty that is attributed to us. I'm on a low, the last difficulty riding on the cross field. At 14h the first rider rushes, and they chain, they are 54 in all. Some obstacles pose more problems to riders, riders encourage each other.

PTV TREC Poitiers Chevaletmoi

When finished, there are waiting for the results. It is necessary to count all points of the PTV etc.


The TREC is a big warm family, who takes a pot to congratulate each other after the awards.


Anyway, it makes you want!

The blog of the EC of Poitiers



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